Objectives - Portage Learning



Improving the quality of education offered by Portage Learning is and will continue to be one of our highest priorities. This commitment will be evidenced by administrative oversight and action, including the following: a) evaluation of program quality, identification of problem areas, and periodic improvement planning; b) development of additional courses and subject areas, as deemed necessary, each by a qualified curriculum writer in the applicable field of study; c) responsiveness to changes in nursing practices and higher education requirements, evidenced by updates and enhancements to Portage Learning curriculum and services; d) advances in technology and methods of delivering course instruction; and e) implementation of formal means by which students and schools can have input into program development, thus affecting changes to the Portage Learning program based on needs identified in the nursing community.

Because Portage values the impact of its faculty and staff in relation to overall program success, we will seek to continually evaluate faculty and staff performance through course and individual instructor evaluations. In addition, Portage will conduct hiring practices that encourage the addition of qualified faculty and staff whose goals align with our mission of service and excellence.

Portage Learning will strategically consider and actively pursue appropriate growth of our programs, in order to make our services available to a greater and more diverse population of students. We will seek and maintain partnerships with nursing schools and other organizations that allow an increased ability to offer Portage programs to students who will benefit from them. In addition, as resources allow, we will target students with outstanding needs by contacting organizations (career counseling centers, vocational rehabilitation agencies, etc) that assist students who encounter financial and career path struggles.

In order to make the Portage Learning program accessible to this greater and more diverse population of students, we will formalize and maintain updated means of communication. These will include program information brochures and advertisements, registration materials, handbooks, course-related communication with students, evaluations, surveys, and the NursingABC & Portage Learning web sites.