Beliefs - Portage Learning



Every human being has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. We find great satisfaction in seeing our students succeed and sharing their excitement about their achievements. Portage Learning administration, staff, and faculty members seek to treat all individuals (students, nursing school representatives, etc) with humility and regard. We will not sacrifice upright treatment of individuals or other organizations for esteem or financial gain.

The central motivating factor that drives Portage Learning is a concern for the welfare of our students. We respect the educational and career goals of our students; our goal is to educationally prepare these students, helping them to discover the confidence to reach their potential and positively impact the medical community.

Because many of our students currently are employed full-time and/or have been removed from the academic community for an extended time, we realize the necessity of being sensitive to the uniqueness of their situations. In an effort to train these non-traditional students and build their confidence for the schooling ahead of them, we commit to developing and maintaining delivery methods and services that effectively meet these students' needs.

At the foundation of Portage Learning's commitment to students rests the practice of striving for excellence. We aim to maintain this essential quality throughout our program, including the following: a) thorough and understandable curriculum, specifically geared to meet the needs and address the academic level of nursing school applicants; b) committed and qualified personnel, chosen to maintain a faculty-to-student ratio that ensures each student's ability to receive a quality education through our courses; c) courteous and individualized tutoring available to each student; d) prompt service; and e) reasonable cost.

Portage Learning is established upon the fundamental principle of service, evident in our commitment to personalized help and tutoring. We are devoted to developing the capacity to effectively serve thousands of students simultaneously, without sacrificing the quality of instruction. The top priority of Portage Learning is to continue to provide effective, personal, one-on-one instruction to any student that requires assistance.

We recognize our responsibility to the health professions and, thus, hold as a high priority our commitment to effectively serving and partnering with nursing schools and other institutions. Because we desire that Portage Learning's impact upon the medical community be productive and positive, and in response to the reality that well-prepared applicants are essential to schools' success, we will continue to pursue new ways to assist these schools and adapt our programs and services to meet their needs.