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Withdrawal/Refund Policy

Withdrawal / Refund Policy

Students enrolled in Portage Learning course(s) may withdraw with written notice to studentservices@portagelearning.com. Include the number and title of course(s) and a brief statement indicating the reason for withdrawal.

Tuition charges are refunded in accordance with the drop/add policy outlined below. Further, the tuition refund will be reduced by $50 per course for processing/administrative fees. After the drop/add period no further refunds are granted, although a student may still withdraw from an incomplete course.

A refund for a course will not be given if either of the following has occurred:

Thirty (30) calendar days or more have elapsed since the date of registration for the course or anything beyond module one (1) exam has been submitted.

Students should be aware that the date of registration is not the date a course was started; i.e., even if a course was not started and 30 days have elapsed since date of registration, no refund is granted.