Privacy Policy - Portage Learning

Privacy Policy

NursingABC, Inc. and Portage Learning privacy and data usage policy

Privacy Statement

NursingABC, Inc. and Portage Learning (a division of NursingABC, Inc.) processes personal data and other data in accordance with all applicable legislation. We believe your privacy is important and take all necessary steps to protect the information you entrust to us. Your personal information will only be used by us or on our behalf and is never made available to third parties for commercial purposes. The following is exactly what you can expect from us in how we use your data.

How we use your data

What data we collect:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Your current or potential educational program
  • Your field of study

We also collect some special category data, such as ethnicity and age for accreditation reporting purposes. This information is submitted anonymously and is not attached to any student account.

If you are a student with NursingABC, Inc. or Portage Learning, we use your data to:

  • Connect with you if questions about your account arise
  • Contact you about course related questions, deadlines, or technical issues
  • Process your course transcripts after you request a transcript
  • Update you with information about courses that may be helpful to you in your educational endeavors

Who we share our data with

  • When you request a copy of your transcript, your information (name, address, and student records) are shared with our partner institution for processing. This includes all current and potential future institutes of Higher Education as outlined on our accreditation information page.
  • Your payment details are handled by PayPal, our payment processor. No credit card information is stored by NursingABC, Inc. or Portage Learning.
  • Your student data is also shared, at your request, with all programs and institutions to which you have requested transcripts to be sent.

Where our data is stored

NursingABC, Inc. and Portage Learning store all our student data on encrypted, cloud-based servers.


NursingABC, Inc. and Portage Learning have technical and organizational measures in place to protect your personal data against loss or any form of unlawful processing. We ensure that personal data is only accessible to employees and those who work on our behalf. We only use personal data for the purposes listed above. Should a data breach occur, we have a quick-response plan in place to deal with the incident quickly.

Your rights as a user of NursingABC, Inc. and Portage Learning

  • We will not contact you about new courses or services unless you have given us the express permission to do so.
  • You can request access to all personal data held by us if you so desire.
  • You can have your information completely removed from our system. Be aware, if you do request complete removal, you will no longer have access to your courses, student records, or be able to request future transcripts.
  • Courses completed with NursingABC, Inc. and Portage Learning are part of your permanent academic record. For this reason, academic records will be held on to permanently in almost every case, even if you choose to be completely removed from our systems.

To request removal from our system, please contact us at or to begin the process.