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Where to Start

Looking for information on how to become a nurse or medical professional? Then chances are you may be feeling overwhelmed by the process of getting from today, to the day when you graduate from nursing or health school.

At Portage Learning we are only one step in the journey towards your future, but we know a lot about how to get from today to graduation day, and we want to help you discover the best way to get started. We’ve created a checklist of 8 things everyone should do when looking to become a nurse or medical professional. From picking out a school, to knowing what prerequisites you need to complete, this checklist will help you stay organized and on point as you navigate your way to the first day of classes.

The checklist can be found here. We suggest printing it out, and using it as a guide to help keep you in step as you begin the process of applying to nursing or health school. Along the way, if you get lost, or have questions, send us an email or give us a call. As mentioned above, we are only a small step in this journey (item 7 in your checklist!), but our expertise is in getting you ready for the next step towards a great future!


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