FAQ'S: Transcripts - Portage Learning


  • What is the process for requesting Portage transcripts?

    Upon successful completion of coursework, students may request an official Geneva College transcript. Official transcripts are sent via 1st Class US Mail at no cost to the student. Requests must be made through the PortageLearning.com student portal for processing.

    Geneva College Portage Learning transcripts are not available through the National Student Clearinghouse nor are they available electronically. For assistance, please contact transcripts@portagelearning.com or call 1-888-724-3590 x3.

    For more details about transcripts copy and paste the URL below into your browser: http://www.portagelearning.com/student-services/transcript-procedures

  • Can I request an official transcript to be mailed to myself for application purposes?

    Yes, students who need their official transcript mailed to themselves for application purposes, should email transcripts@portagelearning.com to request permission/details for process.

  • Are electronic official transcripts available?

    No, the College provides hard copy official transcripts only.  The official transcripts are processed on SCRIP-SAFE paper, which cannot be copied, scanned, or faxed.

  • Are unofficial transcripts available?
    Yes, students have access to unofficial transcripts under the ‘my documents’ tab in their student dashboard. The unofficial transcript is a pdf for downloading/printing. Students can also request to have their unofficial transcript emailed to their school by following the prompts under ‘request a transcript.’
  • Is proof of enrollment available?

    Yes, students have access to proof of enrollment documentation under the ‘my documents’ tab in their student dashboard. The document is a pdf for downloading/printing. Students can also request to have their proof of enrollment emailed to their school by following the prompts under ‘request a transcript.’

  • Is there a deadline for requesting transcripts after my course is complete?
    You may request a transcript at any time after your course grade is finalized by accessing the transcript request form in your student dashboard.Your official transcript is a permanent academic record. Access is available through the Portage Learning platform only; requesting a transcript directly through the College will result in a delay. Therefore, maintain your login information in a safe place for future reference.
  • Who issues the official transcript?

    All Portage Learning courses are offered by Geneva College delivered by way of the PortageLearning.com platform. Portage is the division of the College that offers online college courses to visiting students seeking to transfer courses to their home institution where they intend to pursue a degree.

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