FAQ'S: Enrollment - Portage Learning


  • When can I register for Portage courses?
    Today! Among the greatest advantage to our courses is the ability of students to start when they want (rather than just in Jan, June or Sept) and complete at the pace they desire since each student works independently at a time of the day that they choose.
  • When do I receive a reply to my registration?
    Students enrolling in Portage Online College Courses may begin their courses immediately after making tuition payment using the web-based course delivery system. The students will have full access to the course material after an instructor has been assigned to them. This is typically done within one business day.
  • Which courses do I need?
    Each school and programs within schools have differing requirements, and we advise all students to contact an advisor at the school(s) of their choosing to determine which courses their program requires of their applicants.
  • What is the refund policy?
    Students enrolled in Portage Learning course(s) may withdraw with written notice to studentservices@portagelearning.com. Include the number and title of course(s) and a brief statement indicating the reason for withdrawal.Tuition charges are refunded in accordance with the drop/add policy outlined below. Further, the tuition refund will be reduced by $50 per course for processing/administrative fees. After the drop/add period no further refunds are granted, although a student may still withdraw from an incomplete course.A refund for a course will not be given if either of the following has occurred:Thirty (30) calendar days or more have elapsed since the date of registration for the course or anything beyond module one (1) exam has been submitted.Students should be aware that the date of registration is not the date a course was started; i.e., even if a course was not started and 30 days have elapsed since date of registration, no refund is granted.
  • I set out to find an institution flexible enough to accommodate my daily schedule. With Portage Learning, everything has turned out to be a 100% match in course material and relevancy. I had no online experience in education; however, the foundation that was laid through my Portage Learning experience has helped me where I am right now.
    Angella , Charlotte, NC
  • People need to know that there are people out there who want to help you achieve your goals and dreams and at an affordable price. I cannot thank Portage Learning enough for not making me a statistic, but assisting me in getting into the career I believed was out of reach due to the cost of education.
    Kegt - Somerville, MA
  • I cannot thank Portage Learning enough for providing me with the resources I needed to succeed. The staff were very helpful, and the help line was fantastic! Because of this program I plan to further my education by getting my BSN. I would definitely recommend Portage Learning to everyone interested in attending nursing school. It is definitely worth it!
    Leslie , North, VA