FAQ'S: Course Information / Delivery - Portage Learning


  • Are Portage Learning classes college credit?
    Yes, Portage Learning college courses are semester credit hours.
  • Are courses offered by Portage Learning also offered by Geneva College?

    Yes, Portage Learning is the platform by which the classes are delivered; all Geneva-Portage courses are approved as part of the College curriculum through the Geneva College Graduate and Adult Program Committee.

  • Do Portage Learning credits have any special designation assigned to them on the Geneva College transcript?
    Yes, students enrolled in the Geneva-Portage courses, are designated as "Portage Learning Division."  The Portage Learning division students are not Geneva College degree seeking students; they are enrolled to fulfill prerequisite requirements for their "home" institution.  Other division designations within the College include Undergraduate Studies, Graduate Studies, etc.
  • Can the Portage Learning division credits be applied toward a Geneva College degree?

    As outlined in the College catalog, Portage Learning courses may be taken by Geneva students to fulfill degree requirements; however, they must be taken prior to matriculation.  Please refer to the College catalog; for details visit:  http://www.geneva.edu/academics/registrar/academics_college_catalog

  • Where can I find course content?

    All syllabi are available for download/printing at www.portagelearning.com/registrar

  • What are the advantages of Portage courses over the classroom?

    Portage offers competitive tuition and no need to purchase any additional materials, such as text books. The self-directed nature of our courses and the fact that you can start on any date are distinct advantages when a student is attempting to meet an upcoming deadline.

  • How do I receive my Portage materials?
    All Portage lesson modules and exams are completed by online distance learning methods. This makes it possible to complete all aspects of our courses at home allowing students to work on the courses at a time which is convenient to their schedule. The student is assigned to a personal instructor who is available via a messaging system within the student dashboard.
  • Do I need a textbook?
    No textbooks are required for any Portage course. All text and video materials are provided to the student.
  • How am I taught through the lesson modules?
    The student reads a section of the lesson module (which contains already solved example problems) then is asked to do sample problems which require application of the material which they have read. The answers to the sample problems are then checked against the correct answers given in the module. If any answers to the sample problems are incorrect, the student should re-do the problems taking into account the correct answers. If the problem is still not understood, the student should consult their personal instructor.
  • How do I get help with anything I don't understand?

    Each student is assigned their own personal instructor who is available by site mail to explain material which is not understood by the student. Several courses have help file links within the lesson modules containing detailed explanations and extra sample problems.

  • How do the Portage labs work?

    The video lab will require you to maintain a lab notebook while viewing lab work being done by an experienced scientist. You will then need to complete an exam based on each experiment. The video lab has been chosen because it assures that you get to experience a wide variety of experiments with successful results. The lab exams must be completed to certify that the student has completed a Lab science course. The lab exams will factor into the final grade for each student.

  • How long do I have to finish the course?
    Each Portage course must be completed within one calendar year of submitting the first module of the course. At the end of one year, if your course is not completed, you will be withdrawn from the class, and a withdrawn grade will be assigned and displayed on your transcript. To replace the withdrawn grade, you will have to register for the course again.
  • What is the average time for course completion?
    The average completion time for lab courses is 8-12 weeks and non-lab courses 7-10 weeks. Courses are self-directed; therefore, depending upon the amount of time you devote to a course coupled with your mastering the material will determine whether you complete the course in less time or more time than the "average."
  • How long will the course material be available to me after I finish?
    You will continue to have access to your course for 60 days after the course grade is finalized. Due to copyright laws, this time period cannot be extended.
  • What is the Portage grading scale?

    The grading scale used in all Portage courses is as follows: A: 89.5% - 100% B: 79.5% - 89.4% C: 69.5% - 79.4% D: 59.5% - 69.4% F: 0% - 59.4%

  • What is the Portage Learning platform?

    The Portage Learning platform delivers the Portage Online College Courses. As the course facilitator, Portage Learning also handles the majority of student services, including unofficial transcripts, enrollment verification, grade reports, and third party invoicing. Therefore, inquiries are to be directed to Portage Learning via phone at 888-724-3590 x 1 or email studentservices@portagelearning.com.

  • Portage is the reason I was able to kick-start my nursing career, which has led to obtaining my dream job in an emergency department. The delivery provides direct access to your professor and is flexible, allowing for a life outside of the classroom.
    Marc , Philadelphia, PA
  • I cannot thank Portage Learning enough for providing me with the resources I needed to succeed. The staff were very helpful, and the help line was fantastic! Because of this program I plan to further my education by getting my BSN. I would definitely recommend Portage Learning to everyone interested in attending nursing school. It is definitely worth it!
    Leslie , North, VA
  • People need to know that there are people out there who want to help you achieve your goals and dreams and at an affordable price. I cannot thank Portage Learning enough for not making me a statistic, but assisting me in getting into the career I believed was out of reach due to the cost of education.
    Kegt - Somerville, MA