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General Chemistry II w/Lab

CHEM 104: General Chemistry II w/Lab

Credits: 4



Department: Chemistry

An examination of quantitative kinetics, collision theory and the associated reactions are assessed relative to chemical equilibria. Acid-base theories and chemical buffer systems are discussed along with practical titration practices. Discussion on thermodynamics, electrochemical principles and descriptive chemistry are included. Organic and nuclear chemistry and the approaches used to quantify their reactivity are explored, as well as the chemistry of elements. The laboratory component of this course is delivered using virtual labs with detailed instruction and demonstrations from an experienced chemist.

Credits: 4

High school chemistry (recommended, but not required)

Course Topics

Module 1: Elements, Compounds, Periodic Table, Metric

Module 2: Chemical Reactions, Redox, Emp Formula, Equation Calc,Molarity

Module 3: Gases, Thermochemistry

Module 4: Electron Config, Orbital Diagrams, Quantum Numbers, Periodic Trends

Module 5: Bonding, Lewis Structures, Polarity, Molecular Properties

Module 6: Liquids, Solids, Solutions, Colligative Props


Lab Topics

Lab 1: Safety Equipment & Mass/Volume Measurements

Lab 2: Chemical Reactions

Lab 3: Quantitative Analysis

Lab 4: Thermochemistry

Lab 5: Gas Laws

Lab 6: Bonding by BP, Solubility, & IR

Lab 7: Molality Colligative Properties

Lab 8: Molar Mass

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