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Foundations of General Chemistry w/Lab*

CHEM 121: Foundations of General Chemistry w/Lab*

Credits: 4



Department: Chemistry

A single-semester, comprehensive exploration of the fundamental laws, theories and mathematical concepts of inorganic, organic and biological chemistry designed to contain comprehensive information needed for health professions study. The laboratory component of this course is delivered using virtual labs with detailed instruction and demonstrations from an experienced chemist.

Credits: 4

High school chemistry (recommended, but not required)

Course Topics

Module 1:  Matter, metric measurements, atomic theory, periodic table, naming and writing of formulas.

Module 2: Balancing/writing molecular and ionic reactions, redox balancing, molarity, stoichiometric calculations, percent composition, empirical formula.

Module 3: Kinetic-molecular theory, gas laws, quantum theory of atoms, electron configuration, periodic table, periodic properties.

Module 4: Ionic and molecular bonding, octet rule, Lewis structures, molecular geometry.

Module 5:  Rate laws, reaction mechanisms, activation energy, catalysis, chemical equilibria.

Module 6:  Acids and bases, pH calculations, titration calculations, acid-base equilibria, buffers.

Module 7: Organic chemistry, spectroscopy.

Module 8: Biochemistry, nuclear reactions, radiation, half-life.

Lab Topics

Lab 1:
Equipment / Safety / Mass - Volume measurement

Lab 2: Density determination

Lab 3: Quantitative and Qualitative analysis

Lab 4: Reaction chemistry

Lab 5: Bonding Type by Solubility, Distillation and Spectroscopy

Lab 6: Measuring Kc and Shifting Chemical Equilibria

Lab 7: Acid-Base titrations

Lab 8: Organic Synthesis

Lab 9: Inorganic Synthesis

Lab 10: Urinalysis

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