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Foundations of General Chemistry w/Lab

CHEM 121: Foundations of General Chemistry w/Lab

Credits: 4



Department: Chemistry

A systematic exploration of the fundamental laws, theories and mathematical concepts of inorganic, organic and biological chemistry designed to contain comprehensive information needed for health professions study.

Credits: 4

High school chemistry (recommended, but not required)

Course Topics

Module 1:  Matter, metric measurements, atomic theory, periodic table, naming and writing of formulas.

Module 2: Balancing/writing molecular and ionic reactions, redox balancing, molarity, stoichiometric calculations, percent composition, empirical formula.

Module 3: Kinetic-molecular theory, gas laws, quantum theory of atoms, electron configuration, periodic table, periodic properties.

Module 4: Ionic and molecular bonding, octet rule, Lewis structures, molecular geometry.

Module 5:  Rate laws, reaction mechanisms, activation energy, catalysis, chemical equilibria.

Module 6:  Acids and bases, pH calculations, titration calculations, acid-base equilibria, buffers.

Module 7: Organic chemistry, spectroscopy.

Module 8: Biochemistry, nuclear reactions, radiation, half-life.

Lab Topics

Lab 1:
Equipment / Safety / Mass - Volume measurement

Lab 2: Density determination

Lab 3: Quantitative and Qualitative analysis

Lab 4: Reaction chemistry

Lab 5: Bonding Type by Solubility, Distillation and Spectroscopy

Lab 6: Measuring Kc and Shifting Chemical Equilibria

Lab 7: Acid-Base titrations

Lab 8: Organic Synthesis

Lab 9: Inorganic Synthesis

Lab 10: Urinalysis

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