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General Chemistry 2 with Lab

CHEM 104: General Chemistry 2 with Lab

Credits: 4



Department: Chemistry

A systematic exploration of the fundamental principles of chemistry with an emphasis on kinetics, equilibrium, acid-base chemistry, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, nuclear chemistry, organic chemistry and the chemistry of the elements.

Credits: 4

High school chemistry (recommended, but not required)

Course Topics

Module 1: Elements, Compounds, Periodic Table, Metric

Module 2: Chemical Reactions, Redox, Emp Formula, Equation Calc,Molarity

Module 3: Gases, Thermochemistry

Module 4: Electron Config, Orbital Diagrams, Quantum Numbers, Periodic Trends

Module 5: Bonding, Lewis Structures, Polarity, Molecular Properties

Module 6: Liquids, Solids, Solutions, Colligative Props


Lab Topics

Lab 1: Safety Equipment & Mass/Volume Measurements

Lab 2: Chemical Reactions

Lab 3: Quantitative Analysis

Lab 4: Thermochemistry

Lab 5: Gas Laws

Lab 6: Bonding by BP, Solubility, & IR

Lab 7: Molality Colligative Properties

Lab 8: Molar Mass

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