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Introduction to Sociology

SOCI 180: Introduction to Sociology

Credits: 3



Department: Sociology

The primary purpose of this course is to introduce students to a way of seeing themselves, others, and the world. The hope is that they will come to be more discerning of the complexities of social living, while simultaneously understanding social life more fully.

Credits: 3

  Proficiency with written English is highly recommended

Course Topics

Module 1: Seeing…and NOT Seeing

Module 2: Frameworks for Seeing Sociologically

Module 3: Social Identity / Social Interaction / Social Interactionism

Module 4: Primary and Secondary Socialization Forces

Module 5: School

Module 6: Media and Technology

Module 7: Religion

Module 8: Gender, Social Class, and Race

Module 9: “Society”

Module 10: Final Summary Paper

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