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ENGL 101: English Composition


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The ability to write well is a key contributor in achieving a high degree of success in academic, business, and medical fields. To be able to effectively communicate one’s ideas through a logical and methodical writing process is a necessary skill in today’s competitive world. Essentials of English Composition (ENGL 101) will help you, the student, to generate effective compositions using various modes of writing. The course will focus on developing your ability to utilize critical thinking, organize your thoughts, and clearly express those thoughts in standard, written English.

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Credits: 3

  Students should have a basic understanding of the conventions of standard, written English. Students should be proficient in using English as a spoken language.

Module 1: The Writing Process

Module 2: Narrative Writing

Module 3: Expository Writing

Module 4: Persuasive Writing

Module 5: Literary Analysis: Poetry

Module 6: Literary Analysis: Prose

Module 7: The Reflective Essay

Module 8: Final Exam: The Research Paper

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