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English Composition II

ENGL 102: English Composition II

Credits: 3



Department: English

English Composition 102 enhances the writing practices and skills acquired in English Composition 101. You will read a wide variety of texts and engage in writing activities that promote critical thinking, literary analysis, and the ability to create argumentative essays that establish a position supported by evidence. You will read and write about genres in American, British, and World Literature, including 1) poetry, 2) prose fiction, 3) drama, 4) historical fiction, 5) thematic short stories, 6) biography/autobiography, and 7) novel. At the end of the course, you will take a comprehensive final exam and write a final research paper in argumentative form with documentation.

Credits: 3

Proficiency with written English is highly recommended.

Course Topics

Module 1: Poetry

Module 2: Prose Fiction

Module 3: Drama

Module 4: Historical Fiction

Module 5: Thematic Short Stories

Module 6: Autobiography

Module 7: The Novel

Module 8: Research Paper

Module 9: Final Exam

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