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Essential Microbiology w/Lab

BIOD 171: Essential Microbiology w/Lab

Credits: 4



Department: Biology

A systematic examination of the microbial world, with an emphasis on pathogens. Topics covered include morphology, physiology, and genetics as well as the metabolic and enzymatic reactions associated. Strategic techniques for the growth, isolation, and visualization of microbes are included as are microscopic and diagnostic methods. The causative agents and treatment strategies of various pathogens are emphasized. Viral composition, replication, and the associated disease states are also covered in detail. The laboratory component of this course is delivered using virtual labs with detailed instruction and demonstrations from an experienced microbiologist.

Credits: 4

General biology and general chemistry (recommended, but not required)

Course Topics

Module 1: Intro to microbiology, prokaryotes vs eukaryotes, cellular organelles and arrangements.

Module 2: Microbial metabolism and enzymatic reactions 

Module 3: Microscopy and microbial staining techniques

Module 4: Microbial growth, universal, selective and differential growth media

Module 5: Personal protective equipment and pathogenic microbes

Module 6: Virus characterization, morphology and pathogenic causative agents

Lab Topics

Lab 1:
 Notebook maintenance and general equipment

Lab 2: Microscopes

Lab 3: Gram Staining

Lab 4: Microbial cultivation and types of growth media

Lab 5: Antibiotic sensitivity testing

Lab 6: Enzymatic reactions

Lab 7: Secondary characterization assays

Lab 8: Biochemical assays

Lab 9: The unknown microbe

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