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BIOD 171: Essential Lab Microbiology


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A systematic examination of the microbial world, emphasizing the properties of bacteria. Topics covered include morphology, physiology, diagnostic techniques, genetics and application to various fields with emphasis on pathogenic bacteria.

Credits: 4

General biology and general chemistry (recommended, but not required)

Course Topics

Module 1: Intro to microbiology, prokaryotes vs eukaryotes, cellular organelles and arrangements.

Module 2: Microbial metabolism and enzymatic reactions 

Module 3: Microscopy and microbial staining techniques

Module 4: Microbial growth, universal, selective and differential growth media

Module 5: Personal protective equipment and pathogenic microbes

Module 6: Virus characterization, morphology and pathogenic causative agents

Lab Topics

Lab 1:
 Notebook maintenance and general equipment

Lab 2: Microscopes

Lab 3: Gram Staining

Lab 4: Microbial cultivation and types of growth media

Lab 5: Antibiotic sensitivity testing

Lab 6: Enzymatic reactions

Lab 7: Secondary characterization assays

Lab 8: Biochemical assays

Lab 9: The unknown microbe

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