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Essential Human Anatomy & Physiology II w/Lab

BIOD 152: Essential Human Anatomy & Physiology II w/Lab

Credits: 4



Department: Biology

A continued systematic discussion of the anatomical and physiological systems within the human body. The systems discussed are the nervous system and the special senses, circulatory system, reproductive system including discussions of mitosis/meiosis and heredity, and the urinary system with a discussion of fluid and electrolyte balance. Modules cover the common pathology and treatments associated with each of the systems outlined above. The laboratory component of this course is delivered using virtual labs with detailed instruction and demonstrations from an experienced instructor.

Credits: 4

Prerequisites: BIOD 151: Essential Lab Human Anatomy & Physiology I or equivalent

Course Topics

Module 1: Anatomy and physiology of the central and peripheral nervous systems, neuronal and synaptic transmission, special senses.

Module 2: Anatomy and physiology of the circulatory system.

Module 3: Anatomy and physiology of the reproductive systems.

Module 4: Mitosis, meiosis, human genetics, heredity.

Module 5: Anatomy and physiology of the urinary system.

Module 6: Fluid and Electrolyte Balance.

Lab Topics

Lab 1:
Nervous System

Lab 2: Senses

Lab 3: Histology of Human Body Systems

Lab 4: Circulatory System: Heart and Vessels

Lab 5: Circulatory System: Blood Flow Tracings

Lab 6: Circulatory System: Blood Types

Lab 7: Reproductive System

Lab 8: Excretory System

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