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PSYC 101: General Psychology


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An introduction to the scientific study of behavior and a systematic presentation of its basic concepts and methods.

Credits: 3

Proficiency with written English

Course Preview:

Module 1: Introduction to Psychology
History of Psychology; Research Methods; Basic Statistics

Module 2: Biological Psychology
Genetics; Nervous System; Endocrine System; Brain Anatomy

Module 3: Sensation and Perception
Sensation and Thresholds; Sense Organs; Perception

Module 4: Psychology of Learning
Classical Conditioning; Operant Conditioning; Social Learning

Module 5: Cognitive Psychology
Thinking; Intelligence; Memory

Module 6: Motivation and Emotion
Motivation; Emotion

Module 7: Development Psychology
Lifespan Development; Physical Development; Cognitive Development; Social Development

Module 8: Personality and States of Mind
Psychodynamic Theories; Personality; States of Mind

Module 9: Psychological Disorders and Therapy
Depressive and Bipolar Disorders, Anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders, Dissociative and Trauma/Stressor Disorders, Schizophrenia Spectrum and Personality Disorders, Neurodevelopmental and Feeding/Eating Disorders, Psychotherapy

Module 10: Social Psychology
Social Psychology; Interpersonal Attraction; Beliefs and Attributions

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