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BIOD 121: Essentials in Nutrition


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This course will provide the student with the fundamentals of nutrition, both in theory and application. The functions, digestion, absorption and metabolism of nutrients are emphasized. Basic principles of applied nutrition such as energy balance, weight control and life cycle nutrition are stressed.

Credits: 3

General biology and general chemistry (recommended, but not required)

Course Topics

Module 1: A key to health: what you eat and why, guidelines for a healthy diet.

Module 2: Key nutrients in digestion and metabolism: carbohydrates, proteins, lipids.

Module 3: Energy balance and weight control, behavior modification, physical exercise.

Module 4: Vital dietary components: vitamins, minerals and water.

Module 5: Beyond the nutrients: fitness and sports, eating disorders, under nutrition.

Module 6: A focus on life stages: nutrition from pregnancy to adulthood.

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