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My Life Due to Portage Learning by Kegt S Vildor, DNP candidate

     Without the mercy of the Most High and Portage Learning, I would not be applying for my Doctorate in Nursing Practice right now.  Neither of my parents had the opportunity to go to school because they were foreigners, and their parents could not afford to put them through school.  My mother had seven children to raise on her own, and could not even sign her name.  I remember the days I spent with my mother showing her how to sign her name.  My mother was indeed a business woman, but she was unlettered.   In those times, English courses were not offered to her, so she learned English on the job as a housekeeper at two hotels, and she also learned the language from her children.  My mother also had a clothing business that was doing great, and she married my stepfather who had gainful employment as a taxi driver for the airport and hotels in the 1980s.  At a very young age I knew I had to get a degree to make something of my life and to give back to others.  In high school, I took advanced placement courses thinking they would replace college courses, but not all of those courses transferred to the college of my choice. In addition, I completed a nursing program at a college that I discovered was not accredited. Consequently, I could not take my NCLEX exam in my state to get my license as an ASN.  I realized that if I wanted a college education, I had to do things the right way.  Since my college credits from this unaccredited institution would not transfer, I had to start my nursing prerequisites all over again.  In looking at universities, the prerequisites cost between $2,000-$4,000 for just anatomy and physiology courses with labs. This applied not only to anatomy and physiology courses, but also to chemistry, psychology, and many other prerequisite nursing courses.  I remember sitting in a university’s financial aid office and the woman telling me, “The money we can give you for aid does not even make a dent in what it would cost for you to get all the prerequisites completed and start nursing courses.”  With that situation, I could not start my nursing program in the fall because I would not have all the courses completed by then. I remember feeling a sense of doom-you know the feeling where you believe you won’t get any further in life, and you will always have a job, not a career.

     That’s when I saw an ad for Portage Learning; I was looking into other nursing programs.  I remember something inside telling me to click on the link.  I clicked on the link, and low and behold, there to my viewing pleasure were all the prerequisites that I needed at 75% less than what the universities and colleges were charging!  I was skeptical at first, and then started reading the course prices and how the credits transferred to more than 90% of the colleges and universities within the United States.  Because I had been fooled before by my experience with an online program, I contacted Portage Learning and the university that I planned on enrolling into for nursing school. Both academic institutions confirmed that Portage Learning is accepted and would transfer for full credit.

     I took the last bit of my savings and paid for the first course I needed.  I was able to work my full-time job and take the course at the same time from home and work during my lunchtime. My next paycheck paid for two more courses at the same time because I realized if I could pace myself to get the coursework done weekly, I could start my nursing program in the fall of that year.  The cost of Portage Learning courses helped so much, that I was able to pay my rent and utilities to keep me in my apartment.  You see, if Portage Learning did not exist, I would have had to take the courses at a college or university, which would cost more than I could afford.  In retrospect, I could have ended up in a homeless shelter and not been able to buy nourishment for myself.  I was lucky to have been single with no dependents except for myself. I could only imagine what women with children go through just to get these courses paid and completed.  Because of Portage Learning, I did not have to suffer the pains of poverty just to complete the aforementioned courses.

     Not only did I complete the courses ahead of time, the nursing program allowed me to start in the summer of that year instead of the fall because I completed the courses with all A’s!  Portage learning is indeed a Godsend.  The price of the courses, the helpfulness of the staff, and the encouragement enabled me get to where I am today.  I am applying for my Doctorate in Nursing Practice!  I tell everyone now who wants to get into nursing school about Portage Learning, and how this online program can help you to achieve your dreams and goals.  I am one of three of seven children in my mother’s household who has a university and/or college degree. This is due to the help of my Creator and Portage Learning.  People need to know that there are people out there who want to help you achieve your goals and dreams and at an affordable price.  I cannot thank Portage Learning enough for not making me a statistic, but assisting me in getting into the career that I believed was out of reach due to the cost of education.

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