Surviving Nursing School - Nursing ABC

Balancing Life and Profession

Surviving Nursing School

  • Do not procrastinate.
  • Make nursing school a priority; other parts of life will have to be put on hold, choose wisely.
  • Realize that the opportunity to go to nursing school is a gift; get ready to learn and never stop learning.
  • Do not expect people to be nice to you; you need to be nice to them.
  • Accept that this will be one of the hardest things you do; it is trial by fire for a reason. It will serve you well later.
  • Know your limits; do not over extend yourself.
  • Schedule time to have fun in your life; your patients will like you more.
  • Do not listen to self-doubt; be confident.
  • Do NOT be late.
  • Realize that everyone from greeters at the front door of the hospital to chief medical directors have something to teach you and for you to be successful, you need to interact with all of them. Learn to communicate and appreciate everyone.
  • Learn to hide your shocked face, whether people’s fingers and toes fall off in your hands, blood is pouring all over the floor, or you see so much family drama it has nothing on Jerry Springer. Whatever it is- hide the shock and stay cool and collected.
  • Learn to work with your classmates; teamwork and collaboration keep people alive in school and in healthcare.
  • Eat before clinical; no one likes to be the one who passes out on the floor.
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