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"We'll Take It From Here"

Watching my two young children play the other day, I started to wonder, how long do I have to take care of these awesome little ones? I know the answer is, for as long as I can, but sometimes I feel like once they reach a certain age, maybe kindergarten, maybe 10, someone will come along and say, “you did great, we got it from here.”

I say this only because I have such a hard time imagining myself being a parent of older kids. It occasionally feels to me like all I have to do is get them to a certain point, watch out for them, teach them, play with them, and then I will be relieved of my duties and can let someone else take over. Of course this won’t happen, and I can’t wait to watch my kids grow up, but still this crazy thought slips into my head from time to time. I would guess I’m not alone in thinking this either!

But as I sit here and write, other aspects of life come to mind, other things I do where I feel like I only have to do so much, and then that magical, smiley person will show up, put a hand on my shoulder and say, “I got it from here!” Do you ever get that feeling? Maybe with classes, or a job? Crush your school application, get accepted, and then someone else will jump in and do the learning for you? Do great in school, earn the degree, and then have someone else do the heavy lifting in your job? Or in your job, all you have to do is work to a certain level of success, and then wait for those amazing words, ‘we’ll take control”.

It’s all hyperbole, of course, and coming back to reality means the challenges still exist, and every new day needs focus and dedication as we strive forward in life. And in a crazy way, it makes me feel good to know there is no one else waiting in the wings. After all, “I got this”.

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