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As the spouse of a school teacher I always look forward to summer and having my family around. With school out, summer means a normal Tuesday can become like an adventure filled Saturday, and a quiet Sunday night before work can quickly turn in to a late night ice cream run and a later than normal Monday morning.

Summer, however, can quickly turn in to one big distraction if I’m not careful. For example, this morning I started working at home only to be quickly sidetracked by my daughter playing next to my desk while watching a TV show, while my significant other began a quick at-home workout in the same room! I realized work was not going to get done from my home office and I made a hasty exit to a more focused and quiet environment.

I like to imagine I am not the only one that looks forward to all summer has to offer, while at the same time fretting over the needed balance between fun and getting things done. In these situations, it often feels like that balance is even harder to come by than during the school year, when your surrounded by chores, activities, and quick dinners. I find that whether I am strict with how my time is balanced, or as flexible as can be, the key is to stay committed in the moment to whichever I decide, work or fun. On Monday I was in the midst of some hard work when I was invited to a lunch picnic and playdate with my kids friends. I relayed to my spouse I would love to go, but would need to first finish my task, then do my best to catch up with them while the picnic was still happening. Thankfully, I stayed diligent and finished the job, and was able to enjoy helping my daughter learn how to ride her bike.

Nothing beats summer and all that it entails. But keeping it from being a distraction can be a challenge. Finding the commitment to focus can really help you enjoy both the fun and the work of the next few months!

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