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How We Do What We Do

      Our company slogan is “Preparing Students for the Next Step”. At NABC/Portage we know the majority of people taking our courses are literally just getting started in the process of going to school and becoming a nurse or healthcare worker.  Every day we receive phone calls from people who say they have questions, but really are just looking for advice on how to get started. And we do our best to help them understand how to get to where they want to be. Our classes, for so many, are the first building blocks of their education.

      For that reason, and many others, How We Do What We Do is quite simple to explain. The simplicity is on purpose. We know the students taking courses with us need a solid educational foundation on which to build a knowledge of their future occupation. This is why our courses are straightforward and our system does not include a lot of extras, frills, or whistles. So here it is, How We Do What We Do, in 3 simple statements!:

1. We offer online college courses for those going into nursing or allied health school.

2. Our courses start every day, all year, and are self-directed.

3. Once a student finishes a course, we send a transcript to schools designated by the student.

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