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Why We Do What We Do

   Why do we do what we do? Because we saw a need and continue to do what we can to meet that need. NABC/Portage started because a group of adult learners needed remedial work in chemistry. Today, many of our students continue to be adult learners ready and eager to back to school, but facing a roadblock of prerequisite requirements just to get started. Over the years, however, we have found other needs that our program can meet. Here are 3 examples of the biggest needs we meet every day for students everywhere:

1. Many of our students continue to be adult learners. Sometimes a career or education can be put on hold because of a growing family, a personal emergency, or some other unforeseen event. When the opportunity presents itself to these folks to pick up where they left off, we want to be there to help them get started again. Your future shouldn’t be derailed because of a handful of requirements. Instead, we want our classes to be the building blocks on which to build your education into a new career.  

2. A student missing one class. In today’s world, going to school doesn’t mean the rest of your life gets put on hold. Unfortunately course schedules don’t always fit your schedule. This is where we come in. When a student needs a microbiology or psychology course (or any other) to be completed before the next semester, we can help them finish it on time. Many of our students are working with a deadline, and we don’t want your education to be put on hold or extended another semester because of 4 credits you can’t seem to squeeze in.

3. A school needs a way for their students to meet general education requirements. A large portion of our student base comes from schools without a science department, or math professor. These schools depend on other regionally accredited schools to help their students fulfill the gen. ed. portion of their school requirements. Being online and having start dates every day, many schools find it advantageous to send these students to us to complete their requirements and continue towards a degree and career.

   We do what we do because we want to help. Becoming a nurse or medical professional is a commitment to making a difference in the world. Helping you get started is our way of being part of that decision, and we do it because we see a need for great nurses and health workers in our world today.

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