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The Way We Do What We Do

Over the next few months we want to share with you How we do what we do, the Way we do what we do, and Why we do what we do. Let’s start this month with The Way We do What We do. For example, did you know that Portage Learning employs 2 people whose sole purpose is to communicate with schools on behalf of our current and prospective students? These folks travel across the country, building relationships with nursing/allied health programs, community colleges, and 4 year universities to make sure we are offering the right classes and that information is being passed on too applicants.

We also do our fair share of advertising online through search sites and various web locations. More and more students are coming to us directly to take A&P after search for anatomy and physiology online.

Finally, we are commonly asked by current and former students what they can do to let others know about us. We think it is terrific you want to help! Here are the 3 best ways to get the word out:

          1. Let schools know who we are. Our most effective and prime way of marketing our courses is to talk to nursing and allied health educators about the courses we offer. After all, before most of you reach Portage Learning, you have already talked to a director, advisor, or admissions counselor and learned what prerequisites or co-requisites are required for that program. If your experience with Portage Learning was a positive one, let your school know, because those counselors, advisors, and directors are the ones talking every day with people like you, ready to earn their degree and start a great career!

          2. Tell your friends. Odds are, many of you know someone else who is looking into a healthcare field. I was telling someone the other day about accelerated nursing degrees, and they instantly were able to name 5 people they knew currently enrolled in an ABSN program. So share the word with your coworkers, colleagues, fellow students, etc…

          3. Let us know who we should be talking too. Seriously, email us at, and let us know what school and the name of the advisor, director, our counselor we should reach out too!

The way we work is always changing and evolving. But regardless of the way in which you reach us, we want to make sure you know why we do what we do. Check out next month’s blog for more on the WHY!

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