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We Bridge the Gap to Educational Opportunities.

You’ve already completed the first step to becoming a health care professional: making the decision to help others.  We believe that individuals like you are making a world of difference in people’s lives every single day. You are only a few steps away from living out your calling.  

Portage students receive college credit for their courses through Geneva College, which is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. 

Let us help you along your way.

The College Credit You Need to Take the Next Step 

Whether you need college courses in biology, chemistry, English, math, philosophy, psychology, or sociology, Portage Learning is equipped with the classes you need to meet your goal.

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Portage Learning may be only one step in the journey towards your future, but we know a lot about how to get from today to graduation day, and we want to help you discover the best way to get started. 

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Online Course Delivery to Prepare You for the Next Step

The path to achieving your goals can feel overwhelming. Portage Learning delivers the courses and online labs you need to qualify for advanced education in a format that is:

flexible online self-directed

Your future is within reach. Find the time and the space to achieve your goals with Portage Learning.

  • I cannot thank Portage Learning enough for providing me with the resources I needed to succeed. The staff were very helpful, and the help line was fantastic! Because of this program I plan to further my education by getting my BSN. I would definitely recommend Portage Learning to everyone interested in attending nursing school. It is definitely worth it!
    Leslie , North, VA
  • I set out to find an institution flexible enough to accommodate my daily schedule. With Portage Learning, everything has turned out to be a 100% match in course material and relevancy. I had no online experience in education; however, the foundation that was laid through my Portage Learning experience has helped me where I am right now.
    Angella , Charlotte, NC
  • People need to know that there are people out there who want to help you achieve your goals and dreams and at an affordable price. I cannot thank Portage Learning enough for not making me a statistic, but assisting me in getting into the career I believed was out of reach due to the cost of education.
    Kegt - Somerville, MA

Regional Accreditation Information

The courses, as described on this website, are offered through Geneva College, which is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

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